CMOE Magazine Issue 001

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Covert Entry Magazine is finally here! We could have called it Lock Picking Magazine, Entry Magazine, or any number of names but in the spirit of what we think that UTAC does best (our advanced Covert Method of Entry, CMOE, operations training course) we went with Covert Entry Magazine. 

Please Read: Note*** If you order this magazine and other items in the same order, our default is that we will not ship any of your items until this pre-order item is released. If you want other currently available items shipped now you can either make two separate orders (one for the magazine and one for everything else) or you can make a note in the "Order Comments" section of your order to let us know to ship available items now. Thank you!!!

Our inagural issue features high-gloss print, heavy page stock, a large approximately 8.5"x11" format, full color, and includes articles written by Pat and Dave of UTAC, the team, and more. 

This issue has interactive elements within it for things like problem solving questions and also includes links to a resource page that lists some of the tools and companies mentioned in the magazine as well as a place to download usable resources like our UTAC transparent key overlay chart, used to pull bitting information from a photo of a key. You'll also find an article about our UTAC Kwikset Smartkey Tryout Set and how we designed it to be not only a higher quality than the current set available on the market but how we have created a foundationally more accurate and capable product and how we have proven that the current set on the market is mathematically flawed and is functionally way less capable than what the current manufacturer states in their product marketing.

This is our first run at a print magazine so there will be some spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes here and there. And some colors and text fonts may not be the most tip-top performing for readability, but the content should still shine in the way that all UTAC products and services aim to bring the most value possible within our specific framing. 

For now, Covert Entry Magazine (CMOE Mag) is designed to be a limited print run. We are opening up pre-sales today through February 15th, and then print orders will be placed and magazines will ship out to our friends and customers around March 1st from one large print run.

We hope that we put enough value into this first issue that this, and future issues, earns a place on your bookshelf.

Enjoy, friends.



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